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Being frustrated writers, my best friend and I decided to create our own blogs to channel our creativity into a positive outlet. Getting yourself published is such a labyrinth of bureaucracy, roadblocks and good old fashioned bullshit that we decided to give that up and just build our writing resume' another way. Why is it so difficult for good writing to get out there while so much bad writing gets published or produced? It's an industry that needs to reinvent itself just as badly as the U.S. government and auto industries do. It's too much about who you know and what sells and too little about actual raw talent or good content. Enough about that...back to blogging. Since we've started blogging, it's been like a Liquid Plumr to my writer's block. When you blog, there is no pressure from editors to sell or agents to impress or any pressure at all, for that matter. It's just you and that white screen and whatever you want to unload from your mind onto it. The downside to this is that any darn fool can do this and the internet is as cluttered with crappy blogs as our stratosphere is with satellites and space trash. Who really cares if Lindsay Lohan has a pimple on her ass or got a flat tire on her way to an interview? Now that my best friend and I are united in the virtual world as well as the spiritual world we have a common bond and goal to urge each other to produce quality and maintain our blogs with fresh writing each week. She is much better at it than I since she is a stay-at-home mom. Still, I offer no excuse and should be more religious about updating my blog weekly. As a result a subtle, silent competition has arisen between us and each time we talk about how many comments we've gotten or who's site we're being showcased on, the green color of envy thankfully, cannot be seen over the phone. Her coup d'etat was when a friend local to Miami noticed her blog and asked to include her on his. It is a very well known and established blog: and ever since then her hits have gone through the roof. To add insult to injury, they even asked her to write a weekly blog for free especially for their site. I thankfully, didn't fall too far behind and was contacted by a local webmaster for a new site called: where the guy really appreciated my writing and asked for my blog to be linked on his main page. I was so flattered, that of course I agreed and rushed to tell my blog compadre the news to see if I could hear her get green over the phone. My next jab was when I was asked to be a guest on my mother's radio show to talk about my blog about the responsibilities of gay celebrities to come out of the closet. I wrote another blog about that including a link to that radio show and my hits soared for that week and for a moment was winning this "blog war". Alas, it was short lived as my friends' samurai discipline for writing weekly blogs kept her hits soaring far past my pitiful numbers.

What connects us to others out there in the blogosphere? We make friends with these electronic strangers we've never seen, smelled or touched. I like to call them "blogitos". Like Doritos; you can't get enough of them and they leave tingly sensations on the tips of your fingers, (from the incessant typing on the keyboard) just like the chips. They are our modern day pen-pals but on an exponentially larger scale. instead of one on one we can now be one on 1000 or in my friend's case, one on 9,420-(blasted!)

Whenever I finish my latest blog entry I get an excitement, a high and sense of accomplishment that satisfies me so much more than any jumbo sized Snickers I've ever eaten. Before working on my screenplays or children's books I like to write a blog entry. It helps to focus my mind on the writing and get my "flow" going and works much better than Attoral or Ritalin. How's that for a marketing slogan? "Blogging-It works better than Ritalin." Kids across the nation will be taking their "blog pills" daily to focus on schoolwork.

Why do we go online to read other people's musings? The same reason a gardener goes to his garden...To get his fill, to redefine and enhance what it means to be human. To disconnect from the rat race and think about life for a moment and maybe try to make sense of it all. Aside from the obvious value of it being a testament of a free and democratic society to be able to say whatever comes to your mind and spread the word, blogging is a true literary community without the snobbery and politics of the real literary communities. Anyone can join, from Lindsay Lohan to my 7 year old nephew-no credentials required. That's the beauty of it, stars can be born online, in an instant. There are no limits or barriers in this virtual world.

While I may have miserably lost this BLOG WAR to my most lovely of friends, I have not lost the benefits from blogging. I feel clean inside, my creativity channeled and if someone, somewhere out there in the ether reads my silly little words and cracks a slight smile or connects with what i'm saying, then I feel 100% complete, a little bit more human and a lot less alone.

Handy dandy tips on creating your own blog:

Where to go to create your own blog for free on the nations #1 largest blog hosting site:

If you're serious about your blog you'll want to know how many people visit and where they visit your site from. Site meter does that for free:

Once you've got that puppy done you will want to "pimp" your blog to make it more original and eye catching. Blogspots templates are soo 2005:

Now the hard part-to promote your blog. Go to other blogs you like and read their entries, posting comments and adding your blog link to your comments. Add your blog link to your email signature, post to your Facebook profile, Twitter, Evite, Linked-In profile or anywhere you have an online profile. Depending on your blog's affiliation you can request to be added to a directory. I requested to be added to the Best Gay Blog Directory below. They will review before approving:

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Crazygirl said...

Ay Papalongo! I's so glad I could inspire something!!

I wish you were more committed with your blog, I would love to read you every week. We're all busy people, on top of that we all have our own personal dramas, but that's not an excuse!! Please!!! I love your blog, you know that...but you're lazy with need commitment...I promise that in no time you will have tons of people reading you.

I'm not a writer, far from that, I opened a blog for different reasons, and now I'm happy to see that people read me...yep, I'm still in shock.

I can feel some motivation in this post...I hope this time you commit to your blog....


la fairy azul said...

oye, i may stay home and be a mom, but i am not a stay-home-mom. i work all day in my office.

how many visitors have you had today???

Grettel J. Singer said...

yes eric, commitment to blog weekly. any idea what that is? you give us migajas de post, uno al mes y después te desapareces. viejo, así no se puede.

te quiero

EricInMiami said...

Gracias diosas del internet! yo seee que tengo que postear mas! lo hare' lo hare' yes i can! amor a las dos!


Great post fellow Cuban bloguero.
How about trying to post once a week? Pick a day and make that your posting day? I usually post once a week. I can't do it daily. Too much trabajo.

Grettel J. Singer said...

yes, once a week.
hi johnny.
besos chicos.

Crazygirl said...

So.....should we wait for a weekly post?
Yes? Yes? Yes?
OK!!!! I think that's a yes.....

EricInMiami said...

OK, for the record i think i've was doing a once a week post for at least 2 weeks. dang i aint' that much of a slacker! lol...i SWEAR I will post a scandalous blog THIS WEEK! SENDING YOU blogitos mucho love through the internet's wires!!

Grettel J. Singer said...

dónde está la nueva entrada?

Crazygirl said...

You're in trouble, Papalongo....everything's in said a weekly post...
Where is it????
WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yes.. interesting thoughts..