Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crystal Skulls - 101 Primer

I apologize for my longest hiatus from the blogosphere. I've been completely consumed with completing and editing my latest fictional story; an existential adventure for young adults in the hopes that I'll actually make a career of my writing. Blogging, being a labor of love and pro-bono activity required me to shelf it in order to make time to actually produce a quality, fully revised and an as-perfect-as-it's-gonna-get manuscript for publishing. 

Fresh from the book expo 2013 and pitching to overworked, jaded agents and hard to reach publishers to sell my latest book; the Mysterious Disappearance of Colby Blue. I arrive in Mexico City exhausted from the whole New York, sell-myself experience and with my seeds planted for my last book to hopefully find a home with a publisher. 

Mexico City’s sky is covered with a cashmere blanket of brown and gray smog, peepholes of blue sky peeking through the mist. My trip begins with my heart beating fast from the smog, elevation and excitement to start researching for my next archaeology based book series.

I grab my bags and roll into a cab to traverse the traffic in the world's top ten most populous city. The same city that was home to one of the largest and highest civilizations of the ancient world- Tenochtitlan, until Spanish Catholics came and flattened it, all in the name of their God, oh and for gold, lots of it. The only structures left of this Venice of the New World are underneath the Plaza Mayor where a huge church was plopped right on top the main pyramids inside the Aztecs ancient center. (Catholics did this everywhere they conquered the indigenous religions). 

I came to this un-environmentally friendly city of smog and dust to discover and look with new eyes, seeking evidence in the ancient sites with the Oracle Stone Productions tour group. I had previously attended their event at the Miami circle for 12/12/12 hosted by a Mayan shaman. A reunion of the "authentic" crystal skulls that have been discovered all over the world and currently in the hands of their caretakers were the main draw. The skulls were placed in the center of the Miami Circle, which is Miami's oldest and enigmatic structure carved into the limestone bedrock, surrounded by high-rise condos in Downtown Miami. The plot of land was thankfully rescued and purchased by the city from a condo developer after it was discovered to be the oldest known native Indian site in all of Florida. There were hundreds of spiritually minded individuals that came to feel if there was anything to this whole Mayan-calendar-ending brouhaha. According to spiritualists, it is the beginning of a new cycle and the beginning of the dying off of old energetic templates that have kept this planet vibrating at a lower level. Now whether you believe in any of this or not, my friends and I definitely felt "something" during the 12/12/12 meditation in Miami, led by Mayan shaman, Flor De Mayo. It was a strong, swirling vortex of energy coming from the middle of the ancient circle and seemingly wrapped all of us up inside a palpable, feel-good energy. 

Flor De Mayo declared that it was an opening of a portal between this dimension of ours and other higher ones. She proclaimed that this new era of Earth's existence would be of a higher vibration than the previous one, aiding us to speed up our evolutionary process in the next 5 years, give or take a year.  Now, I am sure you are saying to yourself by now, "crystal skulls? You mean like Indiana Jones?” yeah, those crystal skulls. 

The producers of Indiana Jones actually investigated the whole mystery before bastardizing the whole shebang for a quick buck. They visited with one of the authentic, ancient skulls named Max, in order to research the stories that have swirled around these enigmatic objects. Max was made in the image of a human skull and purported to have all kinds of unexplainable properties. In the end, the producers sold out in order to make a blockbuster film and now many are left thinking that the whole mystery is just made up nonsense -more disinformation, courtesy of Hollywood.

Back to Mexico City; I met in our hotel lobby with the tour group. We were a motley crew of serious researchers and believers of alternate histories that had come from all points in the globe -America, Switzerland and South Africa. These individuals were all open to the possibility Atlantis may have once existed and that Atlantean refugees settled here after their wondrous, advanced culture was swallowed up by the sea, and reborn in different points all over the globe; Peru, Mexico, Egypt and Japan, to name a few. 
I soon learned why this group of passionately curious believers got so curious. Like a group of mutant X-men we all shared our fascinating and surreal stories of how we came to be in this place doing what so few dare to do, challenge our spoon-fed history and attempt to get at the truth. Our life experiences shape who we are and what motivates us and this group had clearly seen too much of the other side to go back to a life of wearing blinders, selectively ignoring the unexplained dark corners of "reality" as we know it. No one would pass quick judgment or question anyone's sanity here. We were amongst like-minded individuals. We were here to share theories and study artifacts to possibly find some answers to the questions that our "history" left out. 

This was a joining of the minds in an objective, non-judgmental arena with an exceptional, ardently passionate group of knowledgeable researchers with real jobs. There were psychologists, closet archaeologists, a medium that has worked with police departments to solve kidnappings and crimes, a film producer and a writer (yeah that's me). We had one common bond; united in our belief that there's more to the "story of us" that we have been told and were brave and awake enough to go on this unconventional quest to find some answers to those burning questions kept secreted away in our minds. 

We wanted to know the real story behind these crystal skulls, behind these highly advanced ancient people and answer the burning question of what the ancients meant when they described Teotihuacan in ancient codices as a place "where men became gods".

This group led by Ken Morgan met with Diego Rosales, a friend and fellow muralist that worked alongside Diego Rivera (Frida Kahlo's husband). We were invited to Diego's home to discuss his theories and decades long research of the possibility that the Aztecs were seeded and/or inspired by Atlantean refugees and that they probably used these crystal skulls that have been found in ancient sites all over the world much as we use smart phones, to connect them to other worlds and/or dimensions. 

We all shared the belief that the skulls are some sort of space-age computer that may still hold volumes of information that our current civilization doesn't know how to extract or read, at least not yet. These may seem to be lofty claims but if you look at how these skulls were made, there is evidence that they were extremely important because of the advanced knowledge and labor it took to create so many of them. 

Firstly, the rarity of finding quartz crystals or other crystals (crystal skulls are made of different, semi precious stones) of such size and to cut them against the grain of the crystal which with normal tools would shatter them in an instant with one slight of hand. Using their supposed primitive tools it would have taken them roughly 300 years of delicate man hours to make even one of them. Of course, the "establishment"or archaeologists not courageous enough to break rank, have all shrugged them off as simple fakes. Some of them out there indeed, are. Yet, there are hoards of learned men and women who believe that there is more to this story and that some of these skulls scattered across the globe are authentic. 

I am one of those people and in my search for the truth, had the good fortune to sit with Max about a year before this trip. Max is one of the known, authentic crystal skulls made of pure quartz. Reportedly, it was found inside an ancient Mayan tomb underneath a temple in Guatemala. I met with his charming keeper; Jo Ann Parks and she told me that priests used him for rituals and healings. She had received the precious skull from a Tibetan Lama named Norbu, whom she knew after he opened a healing center in Texas. He passed it to her just before his death.

According to Jo Ann, Max and Sha-Na-Ra were analyzed by the Smithsonian with electron microscopes and could not date either skull because of the way they were constructed. Sha-Na-Ra from one solid piece and Max made up of 5 different pieces which makes it virtually impossible to carve without shattering. Out of the 8 crystal skulls that have been researched properly only 2 in the world were unable to be dated. Those are Max and Sha-Na-Ra. A new form of dating is currently being completed at Puma Punku using a new technology called Cosmogenic dating to date when the stone was actually machined. The funding for this re-dating of Puma Punku stone was raised through an online crowd-funding, Indiegogo campaign (power of the people). New technologies may soon help us discover the true dates of these ruins that are as enigmatic as the crystal skull phenomena. 

Max was very much "alive" when I sat with him and the medium. I didn't have an electromagnetic testing device but our bodies can be effective devices for testing energy fluctuations. Running my fingers over the skull's exterior, I could feel a very fine electrical vibration as you do when you touch those electrified globes that make your hair stand on end at any given science museum. Only thing is; this object is a big hunk of quartz with no wires, plug or battery. It made me feel strange but comfortable, like sitting next to Einstein, it instilled awe in me. I can only prove what I felt and what the medium told me it communicated to me. It predicted many things that to this day are still happening. Max sent a message via the medium, for me to stop smoking anything at all because it clouds the connection between this world and others and prevents guides from communicating to us. I have quit since then and my creativity has definitely gotten more clear and in high-def since that opportune, unforgettable meeting. The medium informed me that Max was very "chatty" with me, more so than with the other private sittings that night. Who knows, maybe that sitting inspired me to take this trip and eventually write this story? Maybe this was all Max's doing and I'm just a puppet on an inter-dimensional string?

Back to Diego Rosales' home in Mexico City, which looked like a
mystical cave straight out of Lord of the Rings with honorable and sweet Diego as its keeper. The home was surrounded by greenery and literally built out of a rocky outcrop. It was filled with ancient artifacts given to him over the years by locals aware of his fascination with the ancients and his quest to research Atlantis.

He had many crystal skulls and other artifacts on display. An unusual one made of a green stone was found by a road work worker in Tula, underneath a ceramic slab and given to him since the worker was a bit freaked out by the object. He also had a pure quartz crystal corncob with a maize god's carved onto it. Representatives from INAH's Museo Nacional de Antropologia of Mexico City have come to catalog and note these artifacts but have allowed him to keep them inside his home until his death.

The large crystal skulls, crystal corn cob and monkey figurine inside Diego's home were looted by locals underneath a mountaintop temple near Taxco in the valle de los reyes which in English is translated as the Valley of the Kings (sound familiar?). These unverified artifacts were all found buried with a skeleton of a very important ancient shaman or leader. It must have been part of his treasure or what was most important to him as is with most burials. Locals looted the hidden burial chamber and it's artifacts given to Diego years later. Assuredly any gold artifacts were sold off illegally. There isn't any demand in the black market for these skulls, which many locals believe to be enchanted or bad luck. No archaeologists have excavated or documented the location of the temple and Diego has formally requested for the government to build a road in order to make it an official site for tourists to visit.

The problem with lack of funds to secure so many sites is a constant barrier to properly researching them. The problem isn't only confined to Mexico, but a worldwide dilemma. As economies worsen, looters get more brazen and have better technology to clean them out before the slow, bureaucratic machine of scientific study can. This is happening in Iraq, Egypt, China and Afghanistan as well, to this day.

Until then, these skulls and artifacts lie silently waiting in Diego's museum home for the day when a new breed of archaeologist, scientist or engineer with an open mind and new tools sensitive enough to study what they were really used for. 

When Ken and I, as translator, asked to visit with an archaeologist at the National Museo de Antropologia I thought to myself, knowing well Mexico's infamous bureaucratic hurdles, "we'll never get to see this man,” After about 30 minutes of polite urging and many excuses given, we were able to meet with one of the museum's staff archaeologists. I was dumbfounded. The gentleman was open and receptive. Ken and I were after all, archaeologists and colleagues. As Ken began to ask the man about the crystal skulls, I clenched my teeth in fear he would call security to kick us out for being crackpots. Again, as if by magic, he didn't. He openly discussed awareness of them and was aware of Diego's collection and of others found throughout the country but explained that the museum is overwhelmed with so many thousands of sites not even secured, their resources and budgetary constraints can't keep up with all the material there is to study. Crystal skulls are sadly at the bottom of their list. He explained that the museum only has one small one about 2 inches tall on display in one of its galleries at the museum. 

Ken proceeded to show him a very unusual skull with a snake wrapped atop it's subject, reminiscent of an Egyptian cobra uraeus worn by their Pharaohs. It seemed to have been carved out of a brown jade type of material. Ken explained that he was present when local men brought it out of an underground chamber found in Yucatan jungle near Cancun. There was also a hoard of colonial era, Spanish gold coins. It was likely a cache of Spanish treasure from a conquistador or of a Mayan leader that had stolen or traded the gold during his lifetime and stashed it there for safekeeping. Ken asked if the museum would be interested in acquiring the strange skull for study and he declined saying there was no budget for that. Although he was open to discuss the crystal skulls and confirm their existence in the ancient record, for whatever reason he seemed to have a "hands-off" approach to seeking them out for the museum's collection. 

He was however, nice enough to connect us with the archaeologist heading up current excavations under the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan. Recent exciting discoveries using a remote-controlled rover device have confirmed three large chambers underneath the Pyramid that date to one of the earliest layers of the city's first inhabitants. One chamber has a fascinating collection of over 100 pyrite orbs scattered on its floor and its walls were covered with a powder made of magnetite, pyrite and hematite. Archaeologists don't have a clue as to what the minerals were used for. 

Science tells us that pyrite is a semiconductor of electricity. Christopher Dunn's observations of the Great Pyramid at Giza and it's salt coated chamber walls explain how the whole structure was not a tomb but used as a power plant to harness microwave energy. Is it possible that the ancients knew how to harness earth energy and create electricity? If Tesla was able to discover wireless electricity then yes, it is certainly possible these crafty ancients did as well. The Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan has been found to contain thick slabs of Mica; in it's upper layers. Today, most of the slabs have been removed from looting decades ago. Mica is naturally found about 2000 kilometers away in Brazil. Like the monolithic, blue stones from Stonehenge and red granite blocks from Aswan, used inside the great pyramid, all were imported from great distances at a great expense and human labor. There must have been a very important reason aside from decorative or spiritual to use these materials. They could have just painted images or used plentiful local stones for their structures. Mica is also related to electricity in that it is used in wiring today as an insulator. Obviously, more studies are needed to investigate the possibility that the ancients knew how to harness and use electricity. It will take a pioneering archaeologist that doesn't fear ridicule to take a stand and lead a study on this. 

Arriving in the ancient city of Teotihuacan, in our bus-full-of-believers we arrived at the exact moment when workers were finishing welding shut the entrance to the subterranean tunnels. As a result of recent excavations the tunnels became unstable and suffered a cave in, making it impossible to continue studies. The secrets sealed away from humanity yet again for several more years.

The subterranean chambers hold the possibility of answering the question of who really built this ancient city and sacred center. There is a possibility that one of the chambers holds a burial of one of the founders of the city of Teotihuacan. No one knows for sure who built this largest metropolis of the pre Columbian New World and one of three largest cities in the entire world (Beijing, Rome are the other two). The Aztecs and Toltecs, among many other civilizations re-used, rebuilt and restored the site for they had a reverence for their inspirational predecessors. Again, a parallel with Ancient Egypt and Peru's earlier sites being built upon by later cultures is an obvious point to explore and study further. Teotihuacan’s astrologically aligned pyramids have similarities with the astral alignment of the three pyramids at Giza. Like the Egyptians, the Maya had devised two calendars; one solar and one ritual, which interacted and depended upon one another for the dictation of certain ritual events to be carried out.

Next stop on our quest was to visit what Diego Rosales believed to be the first point of settlement by Atlantean refugees fleeing their flooded world. Diego believed they came from the west somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and settled in Cuicuilco and consequently built Mexico's only round pyramid built with four concentric bands or levels. The ancients referred to Cuicuilco as the "place of prayer" or "place of the rainbow".

Diego walked with us to show the site and discuss ongoing excavations. He also showed us evidence that proves that the site was built upon a structure built thousands of years earlier than what is currently recorded. According to strata where the evidence or artifact was found you can definitively see that this outer structure was built upon another built much earlier. This marker was accidentally found by a rock vendor digging to collect volcanic rocks to sell at a local market. Stay tuned for my next book to find out more on what that evidence is. Diego's friend who is a local architect and surveyor and on the board of Cuicuilco's preservation society, used GPS to verify the stone marker was set in it's location and is marking true north. The artifact is still standing where it was planted over 20 feet below the level of the base of the existing pyramid, and not yet fully excavated. The official at the site explained it was discovered over 8 years ago and because of budgetary constraints, no further excavations have been made to locate what should be 3 other markers for the remaining cardinal points.

Diego theorizes that after Cuicuilco was covered by lava by a volcanic explosion, these early peoples migrated across the lake and constructed Teotihuacan. They venerated the same god; the eldest creator god named Huehueteotl. A representation of this god was recently discovered atop the pyramid at Teotihuacan and at Cuicuilco about 5 years ago. Excavations at Cuicuilco have proven there are successive layers beneath. The current excavation is digging down into the center of the structure.

Diego recounted that in 1922 an American archaeologist, Byron Cummings came to excavate and study the unusual structured and reportedly retrieved ancient tablets found there with engravings similar to the white volcanic stone marker found decades later beneath current ground level.

According to Cummings this pyramid is not dated correctly. A specialist in stratigraphic layer dating would help pinpoint this date to a more accurate number. It has a potential of being the oldest pyramid in the world. Graham Hancock and Charles Hapgood have worked on this but failed to convince the scientific establishment of Cuicuilco's true age.

This marker, this one artifact, lying in wait, would prove without a doubt that this highly unusual, circular pyramid at Cuicuilco was built by people about the time Atlantis was sunk beneath the sea. Again, more serious study and funds are needed to uncover this piece to the puzzle to rewrite a truer "story of us".

Anyone with capital to fund a dig there can send me a message via this blog and I can connect him or her to the proper authorities in Mexico.

Sun burned and almost losing one of our team to heat stroke, we arrived back to our hotel. Ken asked me to translate for a private meeting with two undisclosed individuals. They turned out to be a newlywed couple, obviously very nervous when they opened what they were carrying inside their bag. The husband was very upset and was asking for help from Ken who is one of the few people on the planet with a good amount of experience and knowledge of the subject of these skulls. I translated that ever since they came into possession of the large crystal skull from a friend of his mother whom is a spiritualist, strange things were happening that were very upsetting to his wife, to the point of despair. Fearing criticism from others, they had nowhere else to go to seek counsel on a topic that no religious official or governmental authority would like to discuss, much less give them advice on. 

Apparently, the gentleman that came into possession of the skull had two from a looter that found them in an undisclosed "jungle" location in Mexico. That gentleman gave them one of his skulls for some reason. Since looting is illegal in Mexico, this added to the young couple's trepidation. The wife recounted that ever since her husband became its caretaker, the skull would not let her sleep and seemed to haunt her while asleep with voices and murmurs. The husband would have to put it away inside their closet and covered with a dark velvet cloth. The murmurs continued even after putting the skull away. They were at their wit's end. Ken decided to call the medium; Jane Doherty who has helped police departments locate missing children and with solving crimes. The young couple only told her that they need answers and that the skull seemed to have it out for his wife. She instantly received information from the skull. She saw that it was used in a temple in ancient times, in conjunction with another. She said with baited breath; "He is looking for his other half". This skull is a he and the other one was a she and that was why he was harassing the young man's wife. The young man confessed to Jane that indeed there was another skull and that his mother's friend still had it in his possession. Jane recommended that he reunite the two, if not permanently, for them to at least have visits with one another to quiet their love-torn skull. If this all sounds surreal, it is. I was speechless witnessing this bizarre event. Some events in life don't have logical explanations; again further study is required here to determine what the heck is going on. 

Are these crystal skulls imbued with spirits of men and women? Are they cell phones into other dimensions? Are they just supercomputers from another time or place unknown to us? Hey, my MacBook Pro performs hundreds of functions but without an AC adaptor, is nothing but a pretty cool paperweight. Is there a missing part or initiated high priest to make these things work to full capacity? If so, what is it and where do we get the manual to get trained? 

One recent accidental discovery can give us a clue. Washington State researchers recently found that exposing a crystal of strontium titanate to light increased it's electrical conductivity by 400 percent and lasted for days after exposure to the light. Quartz is a silicate material and a carrier of frequency be it electrical or sound. Computer chips are primarily made of Quartz and hard drives are partially made of this material. 

All these are intriguing dots to connect to get closer to answering what these crystal skulls really are. Another recent discovery confirmed that cubes of quartz could be used to store and safe-keep exponentially larger amounts of data for a staggering 300 million years. Now, if i wanted to preserve important data for a long time I would put it somewhere that, A. would be safe and B. would last a long time. 

So are these crystal skulls encrypted, super computers with a potential to advance our civilization by quantum leaps and bounds? It is within the realm of possibility. They say the obvious is invisible to the eye, maybe if we look at these things with new eyes we could re-a-lize the real-lies that have been told to us. It would help if mainstream archaeologists wouldn't snub their noses and dismiss these unexplained artifacts as all forgeries. No, they don't have to be "alien", although it is within the realm of possibilities. Atlantis could have existed just as once thought mythological Troy had. It is also, entirely possible that Atlanteans were more advanced than we can even imagine.

Is it just our ego that prevents us from believing we aren't the alpha-male of our evolutionary tree?

Whatever the case, in this new world unfolding, we need multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, anthropologists, scientists to cooperate and study all of the artifacts, even the out-of-place ones without any preconceived prejudices or hidden agendas.

We must sift through all the information from all sources available. Talk to tourist guides, locals, archaeologists, grave robbers, psychics, shaman, specialists or engineers in related trades, ancient scripts from old archives, libraries or museums; synthesize all the information, simmer it down to a reduction and apply a finely tuned bullshit filter, in order to get to some semblance of what the truth is. It is a lot of work but the rewards are life and history changing. A good start is to join think-tank groups like the Khemit School of Ancient Wisdom, Megalithomania or Suppressed Histories Archive on Facebook to openly research and share ideas, theories or discoveries without fear of ridicule or criticism. If we all cooperate together we may just be able to find the true, corrected "story of us", possibly within this generation.

Every single one of us has a piece of the puzzle. We need to band together to find the answers. Maybe we'll find a cure for all of our top diseases or a new source of unlimited, sustainable and impact-free energy that could even save our world preventing us from the cause of demise of every known previous civilization on this planet; resource wars or environmental collapse.

We are in a new world where people are finally free to question all that we've been led to believe and make connections to make the revisions to our history, assuring it isn't made up of dogmatic fairy tales this time around. After all, history is written by the victors.

An open mind is essential in the process; maintaining awareness that true stories become legends and after hundreds of years retold, become myths. What we now call conspiracy theorists were called researchers in the past (Galileo). The negative moniker is yet another way for disinformation specialists or skeptics to discredit those that are seeking the uncomfortable truths of our age. The unifying factor is that we are all seeking the truth. The problem rests with those individuals or organizations that are not willing to see these new truths because they are in direct conflict with certain religious beliefs or existing set histories.

A hard reboot or re-configuring of the mind is required to conceptualize this new reality 2.0, which is being born before our eyes. The alternative history researchers are getting more organized, more serious, using better tools and are refusing to be shot down or discredited. In the end, science will prevail but good science requires serious study of all possibilities.

At the end of our tour, one of our group members asked Mr. Diego Rosales, "I know you have strong ideas of where we came from but where do you think we are going as a human race?"

Diego Rosales answered with the wisdom of decades of investigating and pondering humanity's origins - "Only where we deserve to go."

A poem written by a fifteenth century poet king from Texcoco, reminds us our fragile mortality in order to keep our bloated human egos in check.

Even jade will shatter,
                                    Even gold will crush,
Even quetzal plumes will tear.
One does not live forever on this earth:
Only for an instant do we endure.

A summary of what we know today of the crystal skulls

*The 13 original "master skulls" are where all the later skulls were made from. These skulls are believed to be over 25,000 years old, crafted using sonic vibrations in conjunction with other crystals to cut them by previous civilizations unknown today. They were discovered or passed on and reused by later peoples with some knowing how to harness their power but eventually the knowledge was lost and no longer passed on. This is the unverified story being circulated. Bashar, a well-known channel has also echoes this in his chanellings.

*They were important enough to carve using hard to find materials such as large, near flawless blocks of pure crystal. Some are human size and others smaller. Some have intricately carved removable and moveable jaws. They have no carbon so they cannot be dated using today's carbon 14 dating methods. They can be analyzed using expensive electron microscopes and possibly dated using new Cosmogenic dating of when they were machined.

*EEG scans have recorded no activity inside or on surface of one crystal skull tested. (That is assuming they operate on the same detectable brainwave activity as a human)

*The famous sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce reported there were an original 13 skulls created in Atlantis and later spread across the world as the survivors migrated and relocated across the globe.

*Of the many scattered around the globe two have been verified and not discredited by any institution- Max and Amar. In fact, the British Museum could not officially comment after studying Max, as they could not figure out how it was made without shattering, since it consisted of various crystal matrices.

*Toltec guide and shaman, Gorila reported seeing and touching an original ancient crystal skull kept secreted away in a cave near Teotihuacan and revered by local people and used in private shamanic rituals.

*Three museums of the world are known to have life-size crystal skulls on display: Paris' Musee de l'homme, the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. and the British Museum in London. Mexico City has one but it is only 2 inches high.

*Many strange events have been reported from a variety of individuals; visions of cities inside of the skulls, electrical anomalies, voices, premonitions, dreams with the skulls speaking after sitting with them, spontaneous healings, DNA activations, etc.

*They are reported to be able to transfer information from one skull to another, akin to Bluetooth or Bump (smart phone app) today.

Here is a fairly decent documentary to further research. Turn on your bullshit filter and decide for yourself what is the truth. It is a pretty good documentary but here are some tips to apply. When they compared the Mixtec goblet with the Mitchell-Hedges skull. #1 -comparing the Mixtec goblet with the crystal skull is an over reaching assumption, that they used the same tools or techniques. #2 -Just because one culture made crystal objects one doesn't mean the other culture had the same tools. We haven't found the tools yet, that doesn't mean they never existed. #3 -Mica slabs found at Teotihuacan came from over 2000 km away in Brazil. There are a series of poor arguments to discredit it except for the silicate coating but that could very well have been applied after it was found. The Crystal Skull community believes the Mitchell-Hedges skull to be a fake. They theorize it to be just an elaborate fairy tale from a father that loved practical jokes for his daughter on her 17th birthday.

Researchers at the University of Southampton have recently announced that they are able to store and retrieve huge amounts of five dimensional data on quartz crystals.

Monday, February 11, 2013

The State of Valentine's Day Today

Valentine's day for many may feel like a heavy cross to carry alone. It may feel like a failure of sorts for many who are not in happy, intimate partnerships at the dawning of this holiday. Never mind, no need to fret, the choice is yours on how you will feel on this dreaded or anticipated day. I choose to dump this metaphorical cross into the heap of imposed-upon myths and create a sweeter reality. I've morphed into a Dharma Bum, channeling Jack Kerouac, placing myself inside a selectively celibate, monastically solitary state on Desolation peak.

Be it love of self, love of another, or of African violets, the point on this Valentine's day should be to be love and not beat yourself up because you don't fit into the Hollywood version of it. Just switch off the circuit breaker labeled "poor me" and appreciate that you can still love anything at all and that your heart can still feel the strongest, most positive of human emotions.

One of my modern-day guru's recently advised, "go where you feel safe, wherever that is", right now and find a quiet time to meditate, even if it's just for 3 minutes a day. I've chosen to take a month away from the world, trading one hedonistic beach paradise of South Beach, Miami for another more spiritually connected beach getaway in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. This "safe place" in this mid-point of life, is one of solitude, away from all the noise, it's one of self-enrichment, reading the books saved for months to read later, a place free of susceptibility to other's karmic plays upon my life.

My sense of well-being free from the intricate, complicated, messy web of someone else's confusions. I am not jaded, I just no longer want to blindly jump in, immersing myself in the waters unless it's a crystal clear lake and can see the bottom. Instead of complicated and eccentric; simplicity and less insanity is now hot. I choose to live as Thoreau did upon Walden, reinforcing my self-reliance, no longer feeling a pang in my heart as I watch friends walk down the aisle to their gleaming brides or grooms. I prefer walking myself from one side of the gym to another, doing squats in kickboxing class, tightening my glutes in defiance of gravity and nature's quest to drop my ass towards the floor.

We've all heard the saying ad nauseaum, "you can't love yourself until you love yourself" and it may seem like I'm reiterating the obvious, beating a dead horse or repeating a cliché' but very few people really understand what that age-old quote truly means. I am not undermining the value of love for others, am only trying to broaden it's definition. We have forgotten so many other "loves" in this obsessive quest of finding a husband or wife. What about the love for your fellow man or the love for the Earth's fast depleting soil, water and land, or animals that are being abused and have no voice which to speak out with? What about love for that homeless guy that asks you for spare change on your way to work every day? They also have the potential of making us feel "complete".

I am rebelling against this whole, you are incomplete unless you find your "other half"; a false reality forced upon us, programmed into our psyche by every Hollywood or Disney film ever made. The myth that we are incomplete unless we have found our "soul mates". It's a concept that once fulfilled, closes us off from the rest of the world because we are selfishly, supposedly, "completed". The "soul mate" concept is a trap door of Mordor for once believed, it makes it almost impossible for the other half of the soul mate to let go when it becomes toxic. We are taught that once you find that soul mate you are destined to be with them, and you should fight to keep them in your life no matter how painful it becomes, because that connection is as rare as a black diamond. That connection is rare but it comes in many forms we fail to recognize. Some soul mates are meant for a moment, to spark something in us at that moment in time and set us on the right path, some are for a season and still fewer are for a lifetime but definitely not all "soul mates" are for a lifetime-long bond. It's time for a redefinition of "soul mate". A soul mate doesn't have to be a sexual partner, it could be a roommate that fulfills you completely, a best friend, a wise grandmother, heck, it could even be the favorite horse you ride on sundays. There can be many within a lifetime at different periods but once you do find one it doesnt have to be a 'till death do us part tragedy. 

Still, some of us aren't meant to have a "soul mate" and are our own best soul mates. After all, who was Buddha's soul mate or the Dalai Lama's? While I understand that Barack would be nowhere without Michelle and Bill would never have been as great without his Hillary, until that person comes about, I have no choice but to be my own support system, my own rock. 

The other choice is to feel self-defeated every Valentine's day, every friggin' year that passes that my cursed "soul mate" does not materialize. I refuse that option. 

You don't have a Valentine on Valentines day? Some people don't have a Mother on Mothers day or a Father on Fathers day so shut the f*&k up!
My father passed away years ago, so I don't have a father on Father's day and I'm sure there are tons of good people that don't have a mother to celebrate on Mother's day. These are the days to not focus on the negative and go against the American way of focusing on what we don't have or need. Instead, these are the days to focus on the father, mother or lover we did have and remember them in the fondest of ways, reminiscing on the good moments however small or few they were. These are the days to get over feeling sorry for ourselves and reminisce on those "moments of love" that we have had in our lives, however brief, even if they were just a kiss on a dance floor or a weekend in Mykonos. The point is love for another doesn't necessarily have to be forever and being single is much better than being lied to, cheated on and disrespected, suffering fools just so you can say you have a partner.

A recent psychology study suggested that when you're single, all you see are happy couples - When you're committed, you see happy singles. Why not learn to deal with what we have, why is the grass always greener on the other side?

In this country where over 50% of marriages end in divorces I believe the paradigm is shifting towards more people being taking their time to be fulfilled by being alone or to coin a Mama Oprah phrase, "I am with my-self".

More and more citizens of this Matrix are finding the value of self-power. Vipassana meditative retreats once obscure, are gaining mass popularity. Where participants choose to segregate themselves from reality for 10 full days of solitary confinement amongst others who accept to not speak a word during the term, meditating daily and bringing absolutely nothing to read, no technology to plug into, essentially no distractions from the "self". It teaches it's young Jedi's to reconnect to their "inner gurus", to the answers that we all have within us but are too busy and too noisy to ever stop and listen to them in our ever-frenetic lives. 

I repeat Maroon 5's song on repeat in my head- "all these fairy tales are full of shit..if I hear one more love song I'll be sick" but at the same time I still believe in the universal truth of love's power to expand and transform but it is a sacred place to love another equal to the amount you love yourself or at least it should be. It's a bond that requires honesty with oneself and a responsibility to keep it as true and real as possible through communication.

If happy ever after does will be in the fertile valleys just beyond self-fulfillment mountain. True love with another should be a bonus, not what completes us. Sure, its nicer and easier to have someone next to you to lean on, making end's meet but it should be for the right reasons and therein lies the problem, most people jump into love for all the wrong ones from safety blanket to punching bag to sugar daddy to plain old daddy-I-never-had and the most popular of all, to just-get-me-the-F-out'a-my-parent's-house.

Not all that love are blind but too many fake it 'till they make it. 

The "bonus" should be if we find someone that suits us along the way for even a brief period…it's enough. The concept that a relationship doesn't last forever is considered a "failure" is inherently untrue. For as in any "failure" there are pearls of wisdom gained. They are not failures at all, they enhance our understanding of our strengths and weaknesses to a greater and higher degree. The concept that every failed relationship is training for the "right one" still holds true here, however the "right one" might just be the healthy relationship with ourselves.

Before you knee-jerk judge and say to yourself he's just bitter or there must be something wrong with him as I've done to others like me in the past, try to believe it is possible to be fulfilled alone. It's time we neutralize this stigma against the selectively single and stop giving them the "aww" look.

Yes I get lonely, yes I get weak but I fight it so I can keep moving in the right direction. My fear of being derailed from my path is greater than any fear of being alone that may bubble up. I truly believe we are not alone, we are never alone, we just believe we are which makes us so susceptible to bad relationships to stave off loneliness from creeping in and taking us over. If only we had special x-ray goggles to see that we are surrounded by loved ones that have passed on. There is "stuff" between our worlds. Widows and widowers know this secret of all secrets. Whenever they are down, they will freely tell you they think of their passed love ones and imagine them there in an instant find comfort and counsel.

Do I want another shot at love? Who doesn't? When it does come, it will be an organic process. If he doesn't, then it is what it is. I won't settle for any more "Mr. Right Now's". If and when that happens, it will be a slow-drip get to know them patiently, not a free-fall.

So all you hermits or assexuals out there, come out of hiding, come out, be proud and extoll the virtues of not being bound by "the system". Tell others how good it feels to love yourself without need of approval from anyone. Cast away the stereotypically negative image of a dirty-smelly, bearded hermit alone on an island. Hermits can be hot. Hermits smell just fine and they can be unbroken and happy.

Guess who's not having a Valentine's this year?

Me...and I'm perfectly fine with that.