Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where Are Our Gay Super Heroes?

Oprah & Gayle, Batman & Robin, even Flash Gordon & Green Lantern all look gay to me but they are all ambiguously gay or completely on the "Down Low", like SNL's Ambiguosly Gay Duo.

Across the pond, the great Brit's, always one upping us in social acceptance and progressive measures (they've had nationalized health care for years) already has a gay, semi-hero main character in their Sci Fi show, Torchwood.

I guess if I was a superhero and I wanted to save the world, I'd hide my dirty little secret too but this isn't the 1950's of Superman's era, It's 2010 and it isn't a dirty little secret anymore. So where are all the gay super heroes then?

This year we got our Rosa Parks' in the form of the lesbian named Constance McMillan taking her high school to court because she believes in her right to take her girlfriend to her high school prom.

We elected our Martin Luther King in the form of Obama, championing our rights out loud and chipping away at the age old bigotry holding this country back.

I've heard rumors the Rock might be gay. He plays super heroes in his movies- but he isn't least yet.

Oprah is a social super hero, hell she even picked the president of the United States. That's a power gay if i ever saw one but she isn't out...yet.

There's an openly gay mayor in France -that's pretty sweet and he's out but that's France and that whole country is gay. He might step to the plate in 2012 where he is predicted to win the next presidential election.

There is one openly gay world leader in Norway. Prime Minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. Hopefully she'll get a chance to wield her "gay super powers" and we could finally have our world's first Gay Super Hero.

So the $100 million dollar question is when will the United States have it's first "out" Gay Hero? When will we stop being so gosh-darn apathetically-polite and channel our inner Madonna and strap on some pointy bra's and open up a big old can of whoopass to win equality?

We are the ones we have been waiting for. The second coming of Christ is within each and every one of us. It isn't one guy coming down as an agent for the big he\she\it upstairs, it's the God within us that will come into being, clearing the way, lifting the fog of ages and confusion of religions. If there ever was proof of this power, were the 2008 elections where our country finally got the president we wanted, fair and square.

The next Gay Super Hero can be each and every one of, straight, bisexual, transgender, humans, all soldiers of peace united in a common cause for equal justice and liberty of all, punching out the Super Villains of hate that divide us and drain our resources as a race. Imagine all the progress we could make in other areas of life if we didn't have to have the hundreds of coalitions fighting for and against gay rights. We could tackle the real issues like preventing the complete destruction of our planet, end starvation and poverty and hey, maybe cure cancer or even the common cold.

Ask yourself what will you do today to contribute to the cause? Will you be our next Super Hero?

Customize this video and visualize yourself saving the world here:

New initiative promoting gay american heroes.

Here is a 3-D Video of what the Traveling Rainbow Memorial will look like.

Stan lee creator of Spiderman reported to be creating a new gay superhero:


Eduardo Guize said...

When it comes to inspirational writing, Eric, you're my hero!

You cracked me up with "[France] that whole country is gay". Excusez-moi?!


What super hero would you be, Eric? What would you call yourself?

EricInMiami said...

thanks eduardo! i heart u! Aw come on you know no one's gaydar works on french men because they are all so you know "french" and refined- that's a little gay.

Johnny i dont what the hell i'd call myself- that changes every day! lol

today it's Mopey-Man tomorrow it'll be Super HoMo'! lol

Thanks for reading guys!

Crazygirl said...

It's been a while since I was here.....I missed you.
I love this post and you also cracked me up with the French!!
I think anyone can be a superhero with small things...simply accepting that we are all different and respect that.
I always thought that USA was a free country, a liberal one...why do we have that missconception in Latin America? OMG!! How wrong I was!! I found this extremism, fanatism....anti-gay, anti-abortion-anti-latino, anti-immigrants in general, anti....everything!!! This was supposed to be the free country, which accepted everything and everyone, where anyojne could say anything becasue of the freedom os speech.
I still don't get why are they so closed-minded about the gay people!!

Jamie said...

Agreed, with the exception of the comparison of Obama and MLK. Obama has been anything but a hero to this community. A few baby steps with a few small rights along the way, but he's gone against what MLK said and did several times.

But great writing and very thought provoking!



EricInMiami said...

hmmm, i beg to differ jamie. i think the gay community should be appreciative at all the little things that Obama has done so far...he signed the matthew shepard act, he's extended full benefits to same sex partners of govt worker's in foreign countries, he removed restrictions of hospitals denying entrance to same sex partners to their ill partners rooms, he's initiated and vowed to end DADT. I think we need to be behind him and not expect him to do it overnight. it's a tough fight for him to do each and every "action item" on his list to fix his country. He has made progress, albeit small. We only do a disservice in criticizing him instead of rooting for him to keep it going. He's done a hell of a lot so far for gay and straight people in this country. It will happen, if we can just stop that damn oil leak first. ;-)