Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The All Spark

There are times when you rack your brain to figure out what's the next step you should take in this video game called life. When you're stuck in a corridor not knowing what door to open and run through, sword in hand. It's mentally exhausting calculating which magic door to pick, avoiding the one that may have monsters behind it. Then there are times when that little space monkey in the sky pulling all the strings finally sends you some signs and you finally pay attention to them.

In a spark, it all suddenly becomes crystalline-clear as a prism reflecting the bright sun. You no longer fret or no longer care about making the wrong choice because you know the only way is forward at whatever cost, no matter how uncomfortable it may make your life. After all, we aren't here to be comfortable in our little hobbit shires, we were meant to be shaken about and challenged. 

Some people come into your life for a season or a reason, the duration is irrelevant, for they change you either way. And so it was that on that Halloween night on a crowded dance floor where the roman politician and the half-naked eskimo first kissed and felt the all-spark, waking them up to see that there is another one out there just like themselves and on the same mission. Two parallel universes aligned for a moment, restoring the sense of what it feels like to have a belly full of bliss.

And so I choose to emerge from my comfortable little box and break all the locks, effortlessly picking a door...not looking down before jumping on my way out. I realize it doesn't have to be so tragic or scary. No matter if I ever see that roman politician again, I know now he does exist. He's stirred me out of my ant hill, I have that all spark and can't go back to sleep or ignore it ever lit me up in that lucky-blurry moment when I least expected it, as if by magic.

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Who am I? said...

As always, very deep and emotionally introspective. Here's to the "unexpected journey" of a Cuban-American and taller) Bilbo Baggins