Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Night riding in Miami's Upper East Side

This is my first time in being an online "blog-ite" but here goes. I wanted to start my blog to write about the world through the eyes of a Miami-an, which is wholly who i am and wholly enjoy living here since my birth in Coral Gables, 39 years ago. My fellow blogger and best friend, Grettel who I consider a fellow fabulous Miamian and one more reason that Miami is such a wonderful place to live, recommended me to just write what i experienced last night, keep it simple, stupid -basically. So here goes.....

I had the monday blues going in to work and after being "plugged in to the matrix" and chewed up and spit out like a typical monday, I decided I needed to decompress my ass in the new uber-luxe-trendy-latest jet-set-place-to-be-seen, the David Barton Gym at the Gansevoort hotel. Being a local means you get the hookup with the corporate discounts before anyplace opens. http://davidbartongym.com/gyms/Miami_Gansevoort_South.html

I hitched a ride from a friend and planted myself on those new, polished wood floors and purposely barren concrete walls to start my first "Steam" cardio class. It was slow going as I was dragging ass from being chewed up and spit out on a typical monday at work. Then in front of me is this 70 year old lady lifting heavier dumb bells, jumping around with more zest than my hungry nephew waiting for me to serve him mac and cheese hot out of the microwave. After an hour of that I still didn't have full-mojo and decided hit yet another, one-hour core strengthening class. I forget the name but I think it was "zoom" or "flash" or some catchy one-word name. Ahh, the corporate world began releasing my psyche from it's clutches. While thanking the trainer, my girl Donna texts me to go on a night ride through our "hood" (Design District) or as realtors like to call it; Miami's Upper East Side. I said "hells-yeah" because the last time I went on a night ride with this blonde babe imported from Missouri (I'm gay so I'm not doing it for a possible lay) we ended up sneaking in to Shark Valley in the Everglades (http://www.southalley.com/sharkvalley.html) on a full moon lit night and rode through the 15 mile trail that was literally lined with 10 foot plus gators, hanging out waiting to find something to eat. It was a pure adrenaline rush! Each time she'd spot the gators, she'd yell "Gators to the left" with her little flash light and I'd pedal fast as hell to avoid getting attacked by the velociraptor-Jurassic Park looking creatures. I was screaming like a little bitch each and every time (i have no shame in letting my feminine side come out every now and then)...so back to my monday night ride. We met at my condo in the heart of Miami- Midtown where i've only lived in 1 year and have never loved where I live so much as there. It's like Miami meets Brooklyn Heights only with water views of Biscayne Bay and much more contemporary. http://midtownmiami.com/

We rode through the Design District and rode past my favorite new restaraunt, Brosia which was created by the ex-chef of Chispa in Coral Gables. They have a fabulous brunch and on friday nights they host a cocktail hour with DJ, etc. http://mangoandlime.net/2008/01/19/first-impressions-brosia/
I hollered to Donna for her to take note of how wickedly beautiful the old Oak trees were and how we should go for their friday night cocktail hour. Next we stopped by my mom's house in historic Morningside, one of Miami's first neighborhoods settled by pioneers from the North. It's the last thing you would expect off of crack-alicious Biscayne Boulevard with it's cheap motels and modern condos. This hive is like Coral Gables and old Havana wrapped into one. Tons of lush, old growth banyan trees (see picture) and royal palms, beautiful views of Biscayne Bay and amazing old mansions from the 20's to the present time. We got off and sat on the sea wall on 59th street and gazed at the moon's reflection on Biscayne Bay and how it illuminated the small mangrove covered islands. The wind was kicking and the temperature was like outdoor AC. October in Miami is hands down the best time to come and stare in awe at it's harvest moons each night. We then shagged-ass to Donna's new apartment in Nirvana, north of Morningside along Biscayne Bay. http://nirvanacondos.net/

I had never really gone into this community since it is security guarded and you have to know someone that lives there but it was just like being in Key West. Again, i felt like went through a dimensional doorway after being on raggedy Biscayne Boulevard. Lush pool area right on the bay, huge gym, 100 year old Banyan trees and a very quiet and private feeling throughout. I was floored...i have been living in Miami 39 years and still make discoveries like this! Her apartment is a studio for only $900- Beat that, New York City! An oasis by anyone's standards even though the fountains in the open-aired atrium lobby were a bit cheap looking, they still made that nice water flowing white noise. As we rode back to Midtown down Biscayne Blvd, I noticed how many new oak and palm trees were finally being planted on the newly widened sidewalks and breathed a sigh of relief that finally Miami's underserved neighborhoods are getting re-invented. But then there's citizens like the fools with too much time on their hands in Morningside that sued to keep Kubik condo development from going up, ultimately destroying the contemporary and innovative condo project that would've gone up right next to Soyka's 58th street station adding another anchor to new development. No, it wasn't good enough for their "vision" and now they are left to enjoy yet another vacant plot of land for the homeless to sleep on. Anyhoo, I digress, we finally made it through the back roads of the Design District and found more classic, old-Florida homes nestled in a jungle of trees. As we passed through the mini-forest and out into the clear sky that is the Midtown community with it's monolithic, illuminated and gracefully designed towers, I felt a high that can only be felt from a moment of pure bliss and relaxation. It worked! I finally conqured my monday blues, Miami-style baby! Donna and I finish it off with a glass of wine in my hot tub gazing at the stars in the clear night sky.

If you're asking why i put so many links in my story, my only intention is to share some of my discoveries and insight as to what makes Miami such a great place for ME! I ain't getting paid a'ight!...

here's a hot tip-have brunch here! its in the Design District, a little out of the way but super small and cool neighborhood cafe' http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/lowUeTkJbhgohqg2aOzVjg?select=b5IbI8GrfOa5piOvMxgavA

one more- for awesome spanish tapas and mad-good Cuban food:

See ya soon!

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Nice job. I love this line: "It's like Coral Gables and old Havana wrapped into one. Tons of lush, old growth banyan trees and royal palms, beautiful views of Biscayne Bay and amazing old mansions from the 20's to the present time." I had no idea Miami was ushering in these twilight rides in the Everglades and in the Upper East Side. Keep up the blog posts chronicling your adventures in 33139, 33134 and 33137 and beyond. And bienvenido to the blogosphere.