Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Please inform yourself about Amendment 2 in Florida!

Please folks inform yourself on this heinous, hateful and divisive bill that the "Ameriban's" (the religious extremists in this country- the American equivalent of the Taliban) have put on our ballot for this year. No matter that gay marriage and adoption is already illegal in the state. No siree, that won't stop this holy war against your gay friends, cousins, brothers, parents, etc. Their crusade will never end until all gays are either cured or shipped off to Amsterdam or somewhere crazy and liberal far far away. Please read below the factual information regarding the bill. Then see the creepy video that is trying to trick citizens into believing that it's a good thing for our state.

Florida is voting right now on an Amendment to the Constitution that will set the clock back 20 years on fairness in Florida and affect thousands of lives. If passed, Amendment 2 would do far more than ban same-sex marriage, already illegal under four separate Florida laws. It would ban:

civil unions, invalidate common-law marriages, and could wipe out domestic partner registries and benefits now offered by entities across the state such as:

University of Miami

Miami-Dade County employees

Miami-Dade County Public School employees

Broward County employees

Palm Beach County employees

City of Miami Beach

City of North Miami
Similarly worded Amendments in Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio have led to lawsuits to remove health insurance benefits and created confusion in law enforcement and hospital visitation rights. .
Amendment 2 is wrong, and there are several ways you can help defeat it:1) Vote NO on Amendment 2.2) Educate your friends and relatives about Amendment 2 and urge them to vote NO. Because of the deceptive wording, there are many people who do not understand the need to vote NO. WE MUST DEFEAT THIS DISCRIMINATORY AMENDMENT. Spread the word and lets get out the vote.
Thanks for your love and support. See you at the polls! (VOTE AT ONE OF THE EARLY VOTING SITES AND AVOID THE CROWD. THE LINES HAVE GOTTEN SHORTER)

PS. Here is the wording of the ammendment: Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman ashusband and wife, NO OTHER LEGAL UNION THAT IS TREATED AS MARRIAGE OR THE SUBSTANTIAL EQUIVALENT THEREOF SHALL BE VALID OR RECOGNIZED


see the creepy video here:

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