Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As Lady Gaga so sexily sings, "Can you read my, read my Poker face?". Well, in Miami's Club Space and every other club in Miami, you can find "poker face's" everywhere you look. Club Space is an institution that proudly hosts thousands of visitors locally and from around the world. The only club that has survived fads, FBI raids, jealous club owners' sabotage and finicky Miami partier's ever changing and demanding tastes for the best music and the best time. It is the crown jewel of Miami's reign as the dance and music capital of the world.

This blog is about what I like to call "Space-Face". The pictures that capture the intoxicated and blissfully high faces of pleasure. These pic's usually portray people giving peace signs, pursing their lips, squinting their eyes, being affectionate, exposing breasts, flirtatious behavior and above all, enjoying themselves.

What the 10 megapixel digital cameras don't show is the pain behind the eyes; the guy that just got fired from his job, the girl that has to work 3 jobs to send enough money to her country so her family can survive, or the gay guy partying to forget how unjust it is that Proposition 2 just passed in Florida just when he thought that hate would no longer affect him. http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Florida_Marriage_Amendment_(2008) When you're at Space or any other night club in Miami, it isn't the time to think or dwell on the struggles of life on Earth. It's time to celebrate being alive and healthy enough to get up and dance our asses off. When the cameras are aimed at us, we give our Miami version of a "Poker Face" our "Space-Face". The face that shows that all is well with the world at this moment in time, that we are rock stars and that we are sexy damnit!

This is Miami! We live here to live life to the fullest however hedonistic it may be. Call us superficial, unrealistic, unintelligent, we don't care because we are alive, right here, right now and this is the reality we have created for ourselves. For a moment in time, we are free and exempt from the rat-race.

"This is Miami" playing on Space's Patio at a Sunday morning party.


la fairy azul said...

sunday morning??? take me there, i´ve never been.

Crazygirl said...

Eric, I love the way you write...refreshing...I started to read and I thought...hmm, talking about a club? You didn't disappoint me...your writing is refreshing and it touches very sensitive topics. I was also very pissed when I heard about the proposition 2. It does not make any sense. This is not going to change anything!!! Gays will continue being gays (for the ones that think that is reversible...). What's the deal? We're all the same!!! For Pete's sake...
About the space-face...we all have one!! no matter what's going on on our lives, we can fool any camera!!
Looking forward to your next post!!

Anonymous said...

The "This is Miami" video is sooo entertaining to watch! Oh how I'm reminiscing about my Space days.