Monday, April 20, 2009

The Gay Storm- Are These People for Real?

Every now and then this whole gay battle for civil rights just takes on a stranger than life twist that is just too ridiculous to not share. I have no words to describe how far out of touch with reality the "Ameri-ban's" fear-based actions are.

The original video that is too surreal to be real:

The Colbert Report's spoof on the same video:

Rachel Maddow's commentary on the organization's banning of the video:

The audition tapes for the Storm video that were quickly pulled off You Tube by the NOM organization:

It's blatantly ironic that the whole unfounded argument that this "Gay Storm" will destroy our civilization and the institution of marriage, comes from a religious group (Mormons) that promotes polygamy and arranged marriages of children as young as 8 years old. The Mormon church denys involvement with this "front group" but read this blog that ties the two together:

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Eduardo Guize said...

I loved the spoof. Patience, patience, one day we'll see equality.

Congratulations for the blog!